Storage and care of plastic mold
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    Injection molds (such as automotive mould) have a limited service life. Appropriate measure can greatly extend this. However, such measures can be classified on the basis of maintenance, storage, and care.

    To be able to quickly fall back on read-to-use molds, the following demands on storage and care must be fulfilled.

    1. Every mold must be stored along with one molded part and a mold card in its own, easily accessible space in the mold store.

    2. Only ready-to-use, complete, clean molds may be stored. The purpose of also storing a molded part( usually the last one from previous production) and a mold card bearing the artical number and the mold number is to allow the mold to be uniquely identified.

    The mold card should also bear all the information needed for setting up the mold and starting up the injection molding machine. Information in the category includes the following.

    1. Mold design

    2. Dimension of the mold and mold part

    3. Mold mounting equipment

    4. Injection molding machine suitable for production.

    5. Short weight

    6.Suitable plastic

    7. Rules on material pretreatment

    8. Mold temperature and heat-contol medium.


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